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Saturday, October 2, 2010


- Pick up some small/medium clay or ceramic pots and herb seedlings.
- Light is very important for these seedlings and hence your garden will need six to eight hours of quality light a day. If you observe that your plants are getting "leggy" (lots of stem, not a lot of leaves), you'll know they need more light.
- Water the plants, when the top of the soil layer is dry, just until water starts draining from the bottom of the pots. Use a drip tray to catch the excess water, but never let the pots soak in water.
- Watch your plants carefully for signs of insect infestation as flies, mosquitoes and other insects also find herbs irresistible! Just rinse your plants thoroughly with water, also tip the plant upside down and spray the underside of the leaves.
- Isolate infected plants, until you are sure they are insect-free. Do not use insecticides on herbs since their residue may be difficult to remove completely.

Sample the herbs
When you are ready to use your herbs, snip them off with a pair of clean, sharp kitchen scissors and toss into your cooking, post a good wash of course.

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